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You are a hardworking adult with ADHD. You need help at work and want to develop better business-related executive function skills to streamline and perform job-related functions, priorities, and responsibilities. You want to learn to work smarter, not harder, and achieve an effective work-life balance.

By taking a strength-based approach to develop the tools and strategies to manage their ADHD - a complex medical condition, our Adult ADHD coaches assist our adult clients in learning life skills to control and direct attention, as well as learn holistic strategies to improve learning, decrease stress and consistently manage the flow of priorities.

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ADHD Professional Coaching

The EEC Professional Coaching Process is designed to help the working adult develop job-specific strategies to thrive at work. Too many adults with ADHD or executive function deficits struggle with the professional demands of time management, planning, working memory and organization. Many of these hard-working, motivated professionals find themselves putting in long hours to keep up, and yet still miss deadlines and struggle with feeling overwhelmed, stressed and worried. They worry they will miss the next deadline or be unprepared for tomorrow's work day. This emotional dysregulation can lead to a significant decrease in job satisfaction, job performance, resentment and burnout. These struggling professionals also find that their professional struggles bleed into their personal lives. Through the coaching process, adults re-examine their short and long-term goals, as well as their personal and professional priorities. They develop a daily and weekly roadmap that anchors their professional responsibilities and expectations into a clear action plan.

Adult ADHD Coaching: Regaining balance in life.

At EEC, we understand that busy adults, juggling personal and professional responsibilities, often find themselves overwhelmed by the challenges posed by ADHD. These individuals are eager to mitigate symptoms like procrastination, disorganization, forgetfulness, and time blindness. They desire to introduce more order into their lives and work smarter, not harder.

Our coaching process is designed to help these adults establish and achieve life-affirming goals. We understand that ADHD and Executive Function Disorder (EFD) often cause difficulties in following through on personal commitments, leading to lost trust and diminished self-belief. Our goal is to help rebuild this trust and confidence through structured goal setting and skill development.

We believe in the power of relationships. Coaching at EEC is a collaborative process, fostering trust as clients master new tools and habits. As clients become more independent over time, they gain confidence in their abilities, both professionally and personally. Using the EEC coaching model, our coaches ensure progress through meaningful dialogue and real accountability.

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In short, coaching at EEC helps adults with ADHD:

  • Mitigate ADHD symptoms
  • Set and achieve life-affirming goals
  • Rebuild trust in personal capabilities
  • Develop independence and confidence
  • Maintain progress through accountability
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EF adult coaching helped me navigate a chapter of life where I was juggling 2 jobs and in the process of getting a non profit off the ground. I was stressed, frustrated and feeling as if there weren't enough hours in the day; EF adult coaching provided coaching and tools to help me bring visions to fruition, to stay organized and effective when I needed to be, and ultimately helped bring calm to the chaos. I'm very glad I decided to reach out to EF adult coaching, I'd recommend them to anyone from a school teacher to a professional athlete to a medical doctor or lawyer, ADHD mind or neurotypical. Thanks EF adult coaching!

Outcomes of the ADHD Professional Coaching Process

If you're seeking improved efficiency in your professional life, our EEC coaching process can help. We focus on bolstering your executive function skills, aiding in the division of your workday into manageable sections, and enhancing planning and time management strategies.

Key elements of our coaching process include:

  • Executive Function Strategies: Fostering focus, attention, and working memory.
  • Workday Structure: Harnessing the natural rhythm of the workday for effective task distribution.
  • Planning Tools: Providing hands-on coaching to utilize your preferred planning resource.
A student performing Executive Dysfunction Test.

With EEC Certified Coaches, you'll notice a boost in self-confidence and autonomy as you consistently practice these methods, paving the way to more effective goal achievement.

How to Improve Focus, Attention, and Performance without Medication.

Wondering what we can do for you?

An EEC ADHD Coach will help you overcome ADHD and reclaim your life. You will develop holistic strategies to manage ADHD and executive functioning strategies to bring balance, predictability, and order back to your life.

Contact us today to begin your journey to self-reliance and healthy Executive Functioning skills! Book an appointment now.

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“The goal was to figure out a way to balance a high demand job with my family life. He helped me to develop a customized system that really helped control my day(s) to better manage my work / life balance. I think combining diet & exercise as part of my program really helped me. I feel this combination approach helped me to pull out the positive attributes associated with ADD & diminish the not so good ones.”

~ JOHN, Mortgage Representative and Manager, Father and Husband

Frequently Asked Questions

Adult ADHD Coaching FAQ

  • What are the benefits of enlisting an Adult ADHD Coach?

    ADHD coaching can provide a valuable resource for adults seeking to gain control of their lives and align with deeper aspirations. With personalized guidance, an ADHD coach is equipped to help manage emotions, prioritize tasks, improve communication skills and increase confidence – all critical components necessary in achieving long-term goals!

  • How does Adult ADHD Coaching work?

    Adult ADHD Coaching is a dynamic process supporting all aspects of a client’s life. Most of EEC’s adults clients are busy professionals living a dynamic life. They are often married with children doing their best to juggle all their roles and responsibilities, while also maintaining a career and managing their ADHD. Before starting, each potential client schedules a screening call to discuss concerns and determine if coaching is right for them. After deciding to move forward, the adult is set up with the best EEC Coach to fit their desired goals. Clients schedule weekly coaching sessions to develop a personalized roadmap aligning goals, intentions, strengths, priorities and expectations with a daily/weekly action plan. This process can be based on the client’s fluid life roles and responsibilities. For example, if a client is married and struggling to manage their ADHD, then this process may involve input from a spouse and also require medical and therapeutic interventions. Additionally, if the client is also struggling with parenting or at work, it would be helpful to engage in parenting coaching and develop individualized skills to improve working memory or prioritizing skills in the workplace.

  • What do I need to do to get started?

    Getting started with Adult ADHD coaching begins with the decision that life is too overwhelming and chaotic to manage on your own and that your current tools, skills and strategies are ineffective. For many adults with ADHD, feedback from a loving spouse can set this process in motion. Getting started is as simple as scheduling a screening call with Dr. Murphy to discuss your needs and determine if Adult ADHD Coaching is right for you. Since getting started with something new can be challenging for many adults with ADHD, EEC is here to help you through the process. There are no long-term commitments, but there is a significant chance that this process will change your life by helping you create the life habits you desire – as a parent, spouse and professional.