Dr. David Murphy stands as a distinguished figure in the world of special education and executive function coaching. His career is marked by an unwavering dedication to individuals diagnosed with a wide range of challenges, including Autism, non-verbal learning disabilities (NVLD), ADHD, and various forms of executive function disorders. Dr. Murphy’s influence extends beyond traditional coaching, shaping fulfilling lives and helping dreams become reality.

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A Rich Professional Tapestry

A Legacy of Dedication and Excellence

From Teacher to Thought Leader: Dr. Murphy’s extensive two-decade journey began in the classroom, where his firsthand experience with students across various disabilities honed his skills and understanding. His transition from a dedicated teacher to a school administrator showcases his commitment to making a broader impact in the field.


Leadership in Specialized Education: In his administrative role, Dr. Murphy spearheaded private specialized schools, creating environments tailored for students with distinct needs like Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities and Social Anxiety Disorders. This experience offered him unique insights into the challenges and potential strategies for these specific groups.


A Personalized Consulting Approach: Post-doctorate, Dr. Murphy channeled his rich experience and academic expertise into consulting directly with families and students. His holistic approach addresses the diverse needs of students across all grade levels, from those struggling with time management to those diagnosed with ADHD and Learning Disabilities.

A Generational Impact on Families

Dr. Murphy’s passion is helping families overcome challenges and build meaningful connections and skills that will impact the next generation. He offers countless free trainings and workshops to help parents navigate the complex challenges in supporting and raising children with neurodiverse needs. Is parent coaching empowers parents with the tools and strategies to help their neurodiverse children thrive in the home, in school, and in life.

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Academic Foundations and Pursuits

Building Blocks of Expertise

Educational Journey at Renowned Institutions: Dr. Murphy’s educational foundation was laid at the University of Connecticut, where he pursued both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in special education. This period was crucial in shaping his understanding of special education needs and methodologies.


Advanced Specialization and Leadership: His pursuit of a second master’s degree in special education administration from Southern Connecticut State University was a testament to his commitment to leadership in this field.


Culmination in Doctoral Achievement: The acquisition of his doctoral degree in education from Northeastern University marks the pinnacle of his academic journey, blending his practical experiences with advanced theoretical knowledge.

The Personal Dimension

A Life Rooted in Balance and Community

Family and Community Life in Duxbury: Residing in Duxbury, Massachusetts, with his family, Dr. Murphy embodies the values of community and family support, essential in his field of work. His experience as a family man enriches his understanding of the family dynamics that his clients navigate.


A Passion for Running and Wellness: Dr. Murphy’s commitment to being an avid runner is more than a personal hobby; it reflects his belief in the importance of balance, physical health, and mental well-being. This aspect of his life offers a relatable and inspiring model for the families and students he works with.

Expansive Coaching and Consulting

Bridging Gaps, Unlocking Potential

Global Reach, Personalized Impact: Operating from South Shore and Greater Boston, Dr. Murphy’s services have a national reach, yet they maintain a deeply personalized and empathetic approach. His expertise is not limited by location, catering to families, students, and professionals nationwide.


A Spectrum of Services: Dr. Murphy’s consulting and coaching are characterized by their adaptability to individual needs, whether addressing academic challenges, behavioral strategies, or life skills development. His approach is always evolving, integrating the latest research and methodologies in special education and executive function coaching.

Dr. David Murphy: A Guiding Light in Special Education

Dr. David Murphy is not just a professional in his field; he is a guiding light for countless families navigating the complexities of special education and executive function challenges. His blend of extensive experience, academic rigor, and a personal touch makes him a trusted ally in the journey towards empowerment and success.


Begin a transformative journey with Dr. David Murphy. Discover the depth of dedication, expertise, and compassionate care that he brings to each individual’s path to success. Reach Out to Us today to explore how Dr. Murphy’s tailored approach can make a definitive difference in your or your child’s life.

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I recommend Coach Murphy to my clients who need additional Executive Functioning support. We have worked together collaboratively to help our shared clients to succeed. Dr. David Murphy does a great job teaching important skills to make life easier for students who may be struggling. He is very personable and students and parents enjoy working with him.