ADHD Coaching for Students and Young Adults

Both students and young adults with ADHD can greatly benefit from EEC’s ADHD coaching services.

Struggling with ADHD?

You're not alone — millions of people take medication to assist in managing symptoms such as focus and impulsivity. But if you still find yourself struggling with organization, time management or self-esteem—a specialized ADHD coach could be the answer you've been searching for!

An ADHD coach provides guidance and support to individuals living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). To best serve their clients, ADHD coaches develop tailored plans that take into account the individual's goals, priorities and lifestyle. With compassionate understanding, ADHD coaches empower their clients to recognize and seize the unique opportunities available to them. They also provide guidance on a range of topics such as organization and focus techniques, time management skills, communication strategies and conflict resolution skills. In addition, ADHD coaches can help individuals navigate various systems such as educational institutions or work organizations, providing insight on how to ask for reasonable accommodations while still advocating for themselves. An ADHD coach can be an invaluable ally in finding increased success in all aspects of life.

What can an ADHD coach do for someone with ADHD?

A coach specialized in working with people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can provide an invaluable measure of support and understanding. In addition, an ADHD coach can:

  • assist with boosting confidence and self-esteem
  • Executive functioning strategies
  • working memory strategies to manage school, work, and life.
  • develop strategies for managing priorities, and developing tools to manage time and tasks
  • discover strength-based solutions for consistent organizational challenges
  • help explore supports and accommodations for work or school
  • provide guidance on financial, medical, and therapeutic management strategies

Coaches are trained to provide expert advice and to help individuals navigate conversations about ADHD with their employer, family members or doctor. When seeking a coach with expertise in ADHD, it is important to search for someone who has completed specialized training from well-recognized programs in the field.

Thriving with ADHD

Thriving with ADHD requires a holistic and strength-based approach factoring consistent medical, therapeutic, and behavioral strategies and interventions. All EEC-certified coaches work with clients on defining strengths, short and long-term goals, and personal priorities. This is followed by uncovering the barriers to success, discussing interventions, and developing a consistent weekly roadmap of processes, strategies, and tools. Many clients who join EEC are motivated and successful students or adults dealing with comorbid conditions like anxiety, depression, NVLD, or autism. They benefit from working with highly qualified coaches and the dynamic EEC coaching model.  

The foundation of ADHD Coaching is the cultivation and development of inmate strengths. Success in life is built on consistently cultivating these strengths and interests. The formula for finding success with ADHD is to harness the ADHD superpower of HYPERFOCUS and align it with a passion, strength or interest, and then apply consistent effort and attention towards mastery. There are many successful adults with ADHD who would agree.

EEC Certified Coaches help clients develop strength-based life skills to minimize moments of emotional dysregulation associated with ADHD. Many clients can become stuck and unmotivated and therefore procrastinate on initiating mundane tasks like chores, homework, studying, projects and ADLs. Clients often try to control life by over-relying on their working memory, never writing down or planning things out. Unfortunately, the mental planning of non-preferred tasks for those with ADHD is NOT easy because it requires advanced EF skills and a high level of emotional willpower, which many students and professionals with ADHD struggle with. Breaking these stressful cycles of emotional decision-making requires clients to develop meaningful routines and use external tools to practice breaking life's tasks and responsibilities into manageable parts. Learning to see and feel the logical flow of life helps clients foster an internal locus of control, enabling them to find consistent success in the areas of life that matter most - health, family, work and school. 

Using principles of Motivational Interviewing, an ADHD Coach helps clients develop a strength-based roadmap, aligning goals and intentions with their daily and weekly priorities. This deliberate process helps align attention with purpose and increases focus, motivation, productivity and self-confidence. 

Sample outcomes in the ADHD Life Coaching Process 

  • Feeling less overwhelmed about school and life 
  • Cultivate an ADHD superpower success plan 
  • Consistent ADHD life-hacks - sleep, exercise, diet, supplements, medication
  • Metacognition and problem-solving skills that foster grit and a growth mindset
  • Self-regulation strategies to manage emotions - mindfulness, self-talk and breathing techniques
  • College readiness skills
  • Academic skills: homework habits and study skills

25 Things to love about ADHD

ADHD Life Coaching helps students and young adults feel less overwhelmed about school and life.

Is an ADHD Coach right for you?

ADHD is a medical condition that requires a holistic treatment approach to effectively overcome and consistently manage the chronic symptoms related to the condition. Consider these three questions in determining if an ADHD coach is right for you. 

  1. Is ADHD running your daily life and causing challenges with school, work and relationships? 
  2. Do you have unmet goals due to the chronic challenges related to ADHD? (see below)
  3. Do you have the desire, motivation and determination to stop the chaos and introduce order and predictability to the daily management of life?

EEC Certified coaches use science-based research to support their clients in developing a holistic approach to thriving with ADHD. A holistic approach means that students and young adults with ADHD develop science-based behavioral interventions to minimize procrastination and anxiety while improving focus and performance. All clients develop consistent behavioral interventions to promote goal-directed focus, task initiation, future planning, working memory and organization. They also explore the role of nutrition, supplements and sleep in promoting focus, attention, working memory and mood. 

An ADHD coach offers hope and help in getting clients back on their path of success in both school and life.

Benefits of working with an EEC Certified ADHD Coach for Students and Young Adults

Effective Effort Consulting Certified ADHD Coaches help clients harness their strengths into processes for success."Our son was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD and executive functioning challenges freshman year of high school. His grades went from A's to C's, with a significant number of missed assignments. His coach was an incredible resource for our son and gave him the practical organizational skills to plan for and manage his life in and outside of school." - Mom of a son with ADHD. 

"Coach David has a real skill for building rapport, setting clear and attainable goals, and coming up with a customized plan to help his clients reach them. He taught me so much about the ins and outs of executive function, and I really appreciated that his method also took into account looking at things like simple lifestyle and routine changes that have made a huge difference." - Professional ADHD Coaching with Brian.

"My son reports he is learning prioritization and organization techniques as well as the understanding of how these tools can apply beyond school into everyday life. It has also allowed him to be empowered to build his own relationship and understanding independently from teachers and parents so he is choosing the methods that he believes work for him." - Parent of a Child with ADHD.

Are you a student or young adult living with a twice-exceptional (2e) diagnosis? 

Supporting the 2e community requires a coach with a deep understanding of each client's diverse social, emotional and learning profiles. The EEC coaching team helps twice-exceptional individuals with complex challenges develop self-regulation, executive functioning, and transition skills to independently progress towards short- and long-term goals. Coaches utilize a dynamic 4-part coaching process to help neurodiverse clients thrive in learning and life.

Finding the right ADHD coach

Finding the Right ADHD Coach

ADHD coaching is a valuable resource for individuals currently struggling with ADHD symptoms, or an executive function disorder. A skilled ADHD coach can help to identify the particular executive functioning challenges of ADHD that are playing out in a person's life and offer tools, strategies and techniques to reframe them. Beyond offering ADHD-specific resources, ADHD coaches also specialize in building self-advocacy and confidence; in creating personalized plans for success in day-to-day life; and in providing ongoing accountability. If you are looking for an ADHD coach near you, it is important to find someone who is trained in behavioral health and has experience working with ADHD adults or children specifically. Before engaging an ADHD coach,  do an online search to find background information, previous client reviews or other certifications that may be meaningful to you.


What is ADHD coaching? An ADHD coach provides individualized guidance and support to those diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ADHD coaches will create tailored plans to help individuals manage their disorder by teaching them life skills, strategies, and executive functioning concepts. They have specific training in the identification of symptoms and understanding effective strategies for coping. An ADHD coach also serves as a mentor, helping the client face challenges with confidence and gain insight into how to take an active role in shaping a more productive lifestyle. By providing support through continuous goal setting, progress tracking and emotional accountability, ADHD coaches can help individuals reach goals that are in line with their individual needs. There are different ADHD coaching models to consider when looking for the right coach for you.
How is ADHD coaching different from therapy? ADHD coaching is an effective way to help individuals address the challenge of managing their condition and working towards success in areas such as work, home life and personal relationships. Unlike therapy, ADHD coaching is a distinctly forward-looking process and helps people develop executive functioning skills like setting goals, time management, working memory, resilience, and task completion - focusing on the present rather than dwelling on the past. Additionally, ADHD coaches support clients in widening external networks to enable them to reach out for help when needed. As ADHD coaching focuses purely on the individual's condition, it offers a very personal approach that does not compare the client to others - helping them build positive relationships with themselves, enabling them to gain confidence and live a more fulfilling life.le and high school." width="918" height="437" />
What does an ADHD coach do? An ADHD coach is a professional trained to work with individuals to assess, identify, plan and strategize in order to reach attainable goals. With the support of an ADHD coach, an individual is empowered to access their strengths and cultivate skills that can lead to success in school, work, or personal life. An ADHD coach will assess current situations and provide guidance on productive solutions; they also help foster accountability by providing empowering self-advocacy tools. Coaching sessions can be tailored to fit any need, situation, or lifestyle. They equip individuals with the right skill set and offer them an opportunity for growth through relationship-building and community connectivity.

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