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Empowering Students and Adults with Unique Abilities is our mission

At EEC, our mission is to empower students, parents, and adults to cultivate their strengths and overcome their neurodiverse challenges.

Welcome! We're thrilled to have you here. With over 20 years of experience in special education, I truly understand the daily challenges faced by individuals with ADHD and other diverse learning needs. Our team of ADHD coaches encompasses decades of teaching, parenting, and professional expertise. Working with parents, we empower effective communication in the home. Working with students, we nurture skills to manage HW and learning. Working with adults, we develop practical tools and strategies to thrive at work. By adopting a holistic and strength-based coaching approach, we aim to empower individuals and cultivate effective executive functioning skills, foster a growth mindset, and nurture goal-directed perseverance for success in learning and life.

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Comprehensive Executive Function & ADHD Services - Tailored Strategies to Empower Students, Parents, Adults, and Schools for Lasting Success


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    Executive Function Disorder & ADHD

    Learn to overcome your difficulties.

    Overcoming an executive function disorder requires consistent and deliberate practice and training. It starts with assessing your EFD strengths and weaknesses, and then developing a skill development plan to grow your strengths and improve the weaknesses that are impacting your life. Working with an Executive Functioning Coach on research-based processes and methods, clients begin experiencing growth, progress, and outcomes that align with their true intentions, interests, and goals. Our EEC coaching model teaches skills to address executive function deficits:

    Direct Coaching
    Coach Initiated Indirect Coaching
    Executive Function Case Management (EFCM)
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    The Process

    Pillars of our Coaching Model

    Our research-based, team & strength approach to coaching fosters emotional, cognitive, affective & behavioral change, leading to lasting positive patterns in students, parents & adults' lives.

    Plan for the future

    Craft strategies & set focused goals for life and academic success.

    Reflect on the past

    Examine past experiences to nurture growth, resilience, and insight.

    Initiate in the present

    Take action, develop lasting habits, and embrace positive change.

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