Executive Function Coaching Services

We offer Executive Function Coaching Services for Students and Adults on the South Shore, Greater Boston, and Worldwide via Google Hangout

Virtual Coaching Model

Virtual Coaching Model

20-30 min sessions
2 to 3 days a week

Learn effective skills to thrive in school and life. From study skills to executive function skills, students learn to work smarter not harder.

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We offer these Executive Function Coaching Services, ADHD coaching and consulting services:

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Adult groups

Productivity coaching

Life coaching

Home-based organizational audit

Workshops “My life, a little easier”

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Executive function classroom consultation

Address EFD within the Learning Center Model

How to reinforce executive function skills throughout the school day?

Goal writing to address lagging skills in executive functioning

Parent presentations on “solving the homework battles”

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Brown-bag workshops “Managing the chaos - hacking the work/life balance”

1:1 performance coaching

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ADHD coaching middle school Norwell

The EEC coaching model targets core self-regulation skills using a comprehensive approach.

Coaches use a strength-based approach to developing daily skills and forming life goals. We use a holistic approach to developing academic skills and life skills, and we use a team-based approach to developing consistent habits and accountability. EEC coaches also use a daily check-in process to review progress and maintain positive growth.

ADHD coaching in Norwell, Boston, South Shore, New York and Surrounding Areas

Based on the notion that ADHD is a performance disability, executive function interventions and strategies need to be supported and developed within the client’s environment. Russell Barkley, a leading expert in ADHD, states that performance-based strategies and interventions for executive function skills need to be within the environment in which the challenges exist. That’s why executive function coaches come to the home for team meetings, organizational consults, episodic memory training, and walkthroughs.

ADHD and Executive Functioning

Many children and young adults will, through maturation and motivation, independently outgrow or compensate for their lagging skills in executive functioning. Others will require extra training and support in order to recognize their lagging skills and work to improve and compensate for areas of executive dysfunction. Interventions can target deficits in planning, organization, and meta-cognitive processing (predicting/evaluating/problem solving). With time and consistent effort, clients begin to develop positive and productive habits and routines.  These new performance-based interventions have long-lasting implications on class work, homework, grades, confidence, and independence.  However, it is not easy and does require time and effort!

“Morning routines were a nightmare for our family until David got involved. Now we can actually have a cup of coffee while children work through their morning routines. David was absolutely terrific. He was able to work with two of our children but really became a part of the family. After he helped our daughters we were sad to see him go. We would recommend him to anyone who has a child that struggles with executive functioning or other organizational challenges”

Michelle and Anthony

Children with NVLD and EFD

“I came to Dr. Murphy with ADD feeling like things in my life were always out of control & finding myself working really hard to keep my head above water. The goal was to figure out a way to balance a high demand job with my family life. He helped me to develop a customized system that really helped control my day(s) to better manage my work / life balance. I think combining diet & exercise as part of my program really helped me. I feel this combination approach helped me to pull out the positive attributes associated with ADD & diminish the not so good ones. Dr. Murphy provided me the road map that we tweaked & customized to me which has greatly enabled me to better manage my life.”


Mortgage Representative and Manager, Father and Husband

“I came as close as someone can to failing out of my first semester of college. It was not the first time I had struggled to complete assignments in school, but it was the final straw in realizing that I needed help to figure out how to be more successful in my life. Dr. David Murphy, a man I would now consider my friend, has been instrumental in helping me to achieve that goal. Every meeting was productive and inspirational. Through his methods of organization I have been able to make better decisions and change my attitude towards life in general. My favorite quote from David is, “Work smarter, not harder.” As someone struggling with ADD, he was more than accommodating. He went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and confident. I highly recommend anyone with a similar struggle to seek out his aid.”


College student with ADHD

“Dr. David Murphy is an engaging presenter with a wealth of knowledge in the area of executive functioning skills.  He was well prepared with his presentation and provided accompanying handouts. He created a relaxing atmosphere, one which encouraged dialogue and questions from educators, parents, and caregivers in the audience.  Dr. Murphy’s wealth of knowledge kept the audience’s interest. What resonated most with me personally is when he made the statement that “many kids with executive functioning deficits struggle with picturing the future”.  I started re-visiting this concept and relating it to my own personal experiences in having a child with these challenges. It was an “aha” moment for me when I realized my child didn’t have a plan on executing the necessary steps to complete an assignment or daily task because he, in fact, can’t picture what “complete” will look like.  In addition, Dr. Murphy did an excellent job explaining what “executive functioning” encompasses, and the impact it can have on a person’s daily functioning skills when these skills aren’t well established. Real-life examples were provided as to how these challenges have negatively impacted individuals he has worked with, along with helpful strategies.  This presentation is a “must-see” for anyone who works with children and/or adults in some capacity whether he/she is a teacher, parent, or professional, in order to fully comprehend the multi-faceted areas executive functioning plays a part in.”

SEPAC Parent

November 2019