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EEC's Free Online Webinars & Workshops

At EEC, one of our missions is to empower you with information that helps you be the primary guide for your child. These workshops and online webinars, presented by coaches at EEC, will provide you with little mini-lessons, strategies, and resources that can help you and/or your child, no matter their age. Our team of coaches has extensive knowledge and experience and understands the challenges of raising a neurodiverse child. We know that you and your family will benefit greatly from the information shared in these workshops.

EEC's Workshop Series

Because our team of coaches has a wide range of expertise and experience, we can and will share information about various topics. The overall goal is, first and foremost, to help you feel connected with your child while also helping you understand the neurobiological basis of their diagnosis and learning profile, provide a variety of tried and true tools and strategies that help build executive function skills, and continue to have the opportunity to ask questions of our team of experts that will help you achieve your goals and stay motivated to advocate and support your child.

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    "I was very impressed with David when he came to speak to our InPAC group at South Shore Charter Public school. His honest and practical approach to assisting children with attention and executive functioning struggles was refreshing. Parents and educators left with a fresh perspective and tangible skills to put into place. His ability to relate to a group of parents that spread across multiple grade levels was impressive. David is a wonderful resource in this area and look forward to utilizing him for future workshops and professional developments."

    ~ Matthew - Director of Learning Services

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    "Dr. David Murphy's presentation on Executive Function Skills for Middle and High School students was highly engaging and informative. As a parent, I was able to takeaway several tangible strategies for managing the individual needs of my children/students. Dr. Murphy's experience in the classroom and his ability to relate to students is evident in his presentation style. He encourages a sense of confidence in a parent's ability to support their student's quest to become more organized, self-sufficient, and independent."

    ~ Cohasset SEPAC

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    “I have found it extremely beneficial to have executive function coaching for my son. It has helped in ways that I hadn't anticipated. My son seems more confident, and not quite as overwhelmed with school. He is doing better and handling things much better and likes the success he's having."

    ~ Father of a middle school student with ADHD and EFD.