Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching to teach executive function skills in the home

Learn ways we can teach our children to overcome challenges and begin to establish positive and productive routines through parent coaching.

The goal for all parents is to raise independent and responsible young adults who overcome challenges and work hard to meet their own expectations (personal goals) and the expectations within the roles they play (student, son/daughter, athlete).

Proactive parenting strategies for ADHD and executive function deficits.

These are behavior and environmental changes parents should use to shape the behavior of children, with and without ADHD.

Maintain a daily schedule

Keep distractions to a minimum

Provide logical places for the child to keep schoolwork, toys, and clothes

Set small and reachable goals (expectations)

Reward positive behavior ("token economy")

Use charts and checklists to help the child stay on task and motivated

Limit choices

Find positive activities (hobbies, sports)

Use calm discipline (time out, removing the child from the situation)

Parent Coaching - Balance is not something you find, it's something your create

3 Part Parent Training Model

Part 1

Why children may struggle to manage expectations?
Executive function deficits
Overcoming challenges and establish positive and productive routines
Setting clear expectations – routines / organization / time/ studying

Part 2

Set up whole family expectations
Take back control of distractions, nagging, privileges
Set consistent consequences – positive and negative
Foster accountability – “what’s your Plan?”
Monitor progress
Foster emotional strength

Part 3

​Individualize expectations to address specific children
Parent’s deliver expectations to children
Initial team meeting with client to address skill deficit support