Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching to teach executive function skills in the home

Learn ways we can teach our children to overcome challenges and begin to establish positive and productive routines through parent coaching.

Parenting with the Brain in Mind. A supportive and non-judgmental parent coaching model that is flexible and individualized.

So many EEC clients think outside the box and do not fit the mold of the typical structure of education and learn. Whether this child is ADHD, twice-exceptional, dyslexic, or all of the above they can make parenting a much harder journey. We believe that if a child could do better then they would do better. This is an important principle because it allows us to see our children not for who we think they are or for what we want them to be, but for where they are at that moment - socially, emotionally, and developmentally.

If there is one thing teachers and parents can do to empower twice-exceptional children, it's to help identify and nurture their talents and strengths first. By understanding their own talents, 2e children build self-confidence, create positive identities, and find like-minded friends. These are essential elements for coping with their challenges, finding their path in life, and being able to pursue their dreams.

Parent coaching is a flexible and nonjudgmental approach to helping parents to help their kids. We help parents "parent with the brain in mind" to improve communication and executive function skills in their child. By approaching challenging situations and behaviors thoughtfully, calmly, and confidently parents can engage their child in meaningful interactions that promote problem-solving, communication, confidence, and self-efficacy. Through the parent coaching process, we help make a generational impact on your family.

With the brain in mind, parents develop strategies to stop the amygdala hijack of emotional dysregulation, and help their child strengthen the neurological connections with their frontal lobe. Using evidence-based tools developed by Dan Siegel, Tina Payne Bryson, and Ross Green, EEC coaches take parents through a personalized and systematic process of improving their relationship and communication with their children. Parents learn strategies to ‘connect’ with your child, diffuse situations, and allow their child to feel heard and understood.  From this step, parents can begin to ‘direct’ their child to their ‘upstairs’ brain. This is where their child can tap into self-regulation skills, executive function skills, and problem-solving skills.


  • 1:1 parent coaching online or in-person
  • A personalized group called The New Book Club. Get 3-6 friends for group coaching. (a most popular option).
  • Group workshops are ongoing. Just ask for details.

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Get help with chores? Take Coach Judi's advice.

Benefits of parent coaching

  • Re-establish positive family relationships
  • Improve lines of communication
  • Build confidence and self-efficacy in parents and children
  • Developing problem solving skills and metacognitive skills

The parent coaching process

  • Initial session to set up goals and formulate a parent coaching roadmap
  • Flexible schedule - remotely or in person

Check-ins during the sessions to track progress and address concerns


I literally want to hug you... it is an amazing feeling to not live worrying every minute of everyday if I am setting wills life on a path of failure... thank you so so so much for your guidance and patience with my blurted our questions 😂

Parent of 2e Child

We are parenting completely different than we would have before we met you. We are now responding to our sons instead of reacting to them. We feel that this new way of parenting them is going to help leave the lines of communication open as they go through their teen years. It is so different than how we were raised. Thank you so much!


The girls went from both screaming and crying, refusing to ever play with each other again to dancing and singing around the kitchen thanks to the new technique we talked about last session. Thank you!


The things we have talked about in our meetings have been helping :).

Mom of husband with ADHD and two children

Thank you for teaching us how to parent with the brain in mind! It so confusing trying to figure out what to do with our kids. Do you punish, or coddle, or console? Your nonjudgmental, simple approach to parenting is easy to understand and having the support of our weekly calls makes it so much easier to follow through with what we have learned. It took a few weeks, but practice these parenting skills has proven successful. The daily check-ins really helped us to be consistent. My kids are learning to problem solve and not get triggered as much. The household is so much more peaceful.