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Within the framework of executive function coaching, there are numerous coaching services that are utilized, based on the needs of the client. From academic coaching to ADHD coaching, clients learn personalized and individualized strategies to manage the challenges and obstacles that impede their progress toward their ideal future selves.

Effective Effort Consulting offers individualize coaching plans for students, young adults and adult professionals

Executive Functioning Coach

Executive Functioning Coaching assists in identifying lagging skills, and helps clients to create a plan that will keep Executive Function deficits from derailing progress in all aspects of their lives.

Executive Functioning Coaching seeks to highlight the skill development process of learning to ‘future plan.’ From seeing the patterns in life to seeing “what done looks and feels like,”  our coaches help develop those lagging skills in working memory, task planning, temporal awareness, spatial awareness, and episodic memory.

Matt's success story on how the executive function college coaching process helped him manage ADHD and overcome chronic emotional decision making  

“I have found it extremely beneficial to have executive function coaching for my son. It has helped in ways that I hadn't anticipated. My son seems more confident, and not quite as overwhelmed with school. He is doing better and handling things much better and likes the success he's having." - Father of a middle school student with ADHD and EFD.

Adult ADHD Coach

Adult ADHD coaching offers our adult clients a way to build their life skills, allowing them to focus their attention on work, relationships and self-sufficiency.

By taking a strength-based approach to develop the tools and strategies to manage their ADHD - a complex medical condition, our Adult ADHD coaches assist our adult clients in learning life skills to control and direct attention, as well as learn holistic strategies to improve learning, decrease stress and consistently manage the flow of priorities.

“The goal was to figure out a way to balance a high demand job with my family life. He helped me to develop a customized system that really helped control my day(s) to better manage my work / life balance. I think combining diet & exercise as part of my program really helped me. I feel this combination approach helped me to pull out the positive attributes associated with ADD & diminish the not so good ones.” John, Father and Husband with ADHD

Life Coach for Young Adults

Transitioning from college life to the world of full time employment can be challenging for our clients. By utilizing the skills taught by a Life Coach for Young Adults, our clients are able to create feasible strategies for continuing down life’s path.

A life coach for young adults focuses on making the transition from college life to work life as smooth as possible for our clients.  At EEC, we use a strength-based, holistic approach, while considering the additional hurdles our clients face: some are diagnosed with ADHD, while others struggle with Executive Function Disorder or are considered Twice Exceptional (2e).  Regardless, we offer strategies - and hope - to assist them in bringing their gifts to the world.

"The transition from high school to college was challenging for my son. After much soul searching Andrew and I determined it was a difficulty with executive functioning.  An EEC Coach began working with my son to gain an understanding of the difficulties he faced and to develop systems to overcome them. In a very short time we saw the difference in his organizational skills.  This was most evident in his ability to effectively navigate multiple tasks with conflicting deadlines. He was more organized both at home and in school where he was finally able to concentrate on the subjects he was studying as he understood the process of learning. We also saw a difference in his confidence as he moves forward successfully with his college career." - Mother of a son transitioning from high school to college

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching focuses on building core skills for success in school.

At EEC, our academic coaching centers on building skills inside and outside the classroom in order to manage the learning process. From notetaking and self-advocacy skills, to homework and study skills, EEC coaches help students build core academic skills for middle school, high school and college.

“Since she started working with our son (mid way through Sophomore) year, the transformation we have seen in him has been nothing short of miraculous. While he had all of the raw materials to be an excellent student and a happy teenager, EEC’s Coaching  has harnessed all of this potential and provided him with the tools he needed to achieve great things.  Whether it was helping him study for a test, meeting a project deadline or just keeping on top of his work, his academic coach broke the tasks down into bite sized pieces and then held him accountable for completing them on schedule.  The EEC Coaching process  has removed an enormous amount of stress and anxiety from our son's life and he now looks forward to entering his Junior Year as an organized, confident and optimistic Honor Student.” Tom, Dad of a HS son with ADHD and EFD. 

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Parent Coaching

Taking a team approach to helping your child or children is beneficial for the whole family. Our Parent Coaching enables parents to work together to encourage their children to develop the skills so necessary for their growth.

Working with parents can help develop a team-based approach to impact positive growth and progress across the whole family. By employing parent coaching resources and strategies developed specifically to encourage and teach parents the skills they need to help their children, EEC coaches guide parents through an individualized step-by-step process of understanding and connecting with their children’s innate self, and supporting their personal growth and skill development.

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“Words can’t even describe how helpful EEC was when our family was struggling through the day to day of our son’s anxiety. When we first tried to speak with our son's school counselor and didn’t get anywhere we didn’t know where to turn. Our EEC Coach mapped it all out for us giving us numerous tools and confidence to deal with his anxiety and situations. We are so thankful. We have seen tremendous growth from our son because of the strategies we implemented after going through the parent coaching process. We will be forever grateful!” - Heather and Brian, Parents of a child with inattentive ADHD and Anxiety.

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