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Within the framework of executive function coaching, there are numerous coaching services that are utilized, based on the needs of the client. From academic coaching to ADHD coaching, clients learn personalized and individualized strategies to manage the challenges and obstacles that impede their progress towards their ideal future self.

Executive Function Coaching for Students and Adults

The skills development process of learning to ‘future plan.’ From seeing the patterns in life to seeing “what done looks and feels like,” coaches help develop those lagging skills in temporal awareness, spatial awareness, and episodic memory.

What is Executive Function Coaching for Adults?

ADHD Coaching

Taking a strength-based approach to develop the tools and strategies to manage a complex medical condition. Clients learn life skills to control and direct attention, as well as learn holistic strategies to improve learning, decrease stress, and consistently manage the flow of priorities.

How to improve self regulation skills?

Academic Coaching (student-athletes)

Building skills inside and outside the classroom in order to manage the learning process. From notetaking and self-advocacy skills to homework and study skills, EEC coaches help students build core academic skills for middle school, high school, and college.

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Parent Coaching

Working with parents can help develop a team-based approach to impact positive growth and progress across the whole family. Using resources like Whole-Brain Child and Differently Wired, EEC coaches take parents through a step-by-step process of understanding and connecting with their children and supporting their personal growth and skill development.

Other Parent-Centered Programs

In addition to 1:1 parent coaching, we also offer a parent-centered program called 2Empower Parents that provides a place for parents of kids with executive function challenges such as kids with ADHD, with ASD, or who are twice-exceptional (2e), to LEARN, CONNECT, SHARE, and BE EMPOWERED in their role as a parent of a neurodiverse child with a complex learning profile.

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College Coaching

A skill development process for high school students and college students to learn how to manage their priorities and develop the academic skills and life skills to thrive in college, and beyond.

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Motivational Coaching

Using motivational interviewing strategies, coaches help clients filter through their values, interests, fears, and desires to develop a personalized roadmap for short and long-term life goals. This process fosters intrinsic motivation and a deeper connection to their future self. In turn, this increases personal acceptance and accountability to the change process.

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