Coaching Services

These are some of the coaching services that we offer.

Executive Function Coaching Services

By looking holistically at the deficits, executive function coaches help clients develop life skills, not just homework skills.  Coaches help clients develop morning schedules, evening schedules, and homework schedules focused on managing priorities and daily goals.

Coaching for College Students

A coach helps college students or high school seniors develop tools and strategies to manage daily responsibilities and learn to effectively prioritize school time with the rest of college life.

Adult Coaching

A holistic and integrative approach to managing the symptoms of ADHD and regaining control of life. This includes Productivity coaching, Life coaching, Career coaching, ADHD coaching, Adult groups and workshops.

Parent Coaching

Learn ways we can teach our children to overcome challenges and begin to establish positive and productive routines. The goal for all parents is to raise independent and responsible young adults who overcome challenges and work hard to meet their own expectations (personal goals) and the expectations within the roles they play (student, son/daughter, athlete).

Academic Coaching

Building effective academic skills takes time and practice. EEC coaches believe all students can achieve honor roll. However, each student must match their learning style, daily attention, and study skills with their long term goal. EEC coaches help clients reach their academic goals be breaking down the academic process into daily habits that can be practiced and reinforced over the weeks and years.

Academic Coaching for Student-Athletes

Sadly, the academic skills are ignored and most students are left alone to figure things out. For student-athletes, the coaching process is similar to the academic coaching process but far more complex. This is because student-athletes have far less time and energy to manage their academics.

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