So let’s continue to talk about the new “normal” and reframing a perspective on priorities and spending time on what matters. You get a sense from me at this point that I’m pretty optimistic about most things of (in) life. So, it’s not hard for me to see the silver lining in this “Coronacation life” that we’ve been thrown into. With that being said, I know this is not easy for many, and my heart goes out to those struggling with medical conditions or family challenges. I hope these videos or my messages give you something to grab ahold of and you gain perspective and understanding of this new normal. Let me reflect on a couple of changes that frame my new normal at this point.

Family breakfast – it’s fantastic to spend time with my children in the morning, which has never really been the case in the past. I had to be up and involved with something between 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. and out the door like a bullet. Family dinners of just sitting down and consistently eating together has been amazing, and I hope you feel the same way. The other one is bedtime routines – being involved with that as well. It’s been a miracle! I’ve honestly been blessed to have that time back in my life. Now another blessing is time spent doing art and drawing. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, and I’m not sure if my children do either. Have you ever heard of Art for Kids Hub? Maybe you have. They have over 2.5 million subscribers – they are pretty well known. I never heard of them until now. So, my new normal is drawing with my kids. It’s fun to see them grow as artists. Another area that defines my new normal is reading. I’ve read two books in the last week. My daughter crushes books. Given more time, she’s getting through three books a week.

For her to spend more time doing what she loves, I find that to be incredibly refreshing and so affirming to her identity. It’s super hard to compete with the Tiger King and other dopamine abundant activities that suck our attention into vortexes that have very little long-term meaning. It’s super easy to get stuck there and to find ourselves as parents going down that road as well, just scrolling through social media for hours at a time. It’s hard being in a chaotic family with very little peace. In that chaos, we need to find the silver linings. It just takes some time and patience, and that’s what we have right now. We have plenty of time. We need to have patience and see the opportunities because they are present.