1st Quarter Check-in with Coach Murphy

Whether you’re a high school student or a college student now is the right time to reflect and evaluate on personal progress. This can mean looking at grades for term 1 and seeing if you’ve made honor roll. If not, then which classes present the biggest learning challenges. … Continue reading1st Quarter Check-in with Coach Murphy

Conquering the College Transition

It’s officially autumn and you are well into your first semester of the school year. How is college going for you so far? Though there are many positive and exciting things about the transition to college, if you are like most students, you are also … Continue readingConquering the College Transition

Summer Bucket List

Have you created that summertime bucket list yet?  Maybe you have planned a vacation to the Cape or to visit relatives? Maybe you have some backyard barbeques planned? Or maybe you are looking forward to time at the pool or on the boat? But, have … Continue readingSummer Bucket List

Unschooling: Unpacking School and Learning During Corona-cation

With schools closed, students have to re-examine the parameters of learning. From the classroom to the home, students have to reacclimate and reframe the learning environment. This is a fantastic opportunity for young learners to reconnect with their interests and passions and quietly contemplate who … Continue readingUnschooling: Unpacking School and Learning During Corona-cation