Have you created that summertime bucket list yet?  Maybe you have planned a vacation to the Cape or to visit relatives? Maybe you have some backyard barbeques planned? Or maybe you are looking forward to time at the pool or on the boat? But, have you considered adding academic, executive function skill or parent coaching  to that summertime bucket list?  

Now, don’t laugh too hard. I am sure coaching is not first on your list; after all, your kids have just finally finished with school, and you are dreaming of lazy mornings of reading and walks on the beach, but just for a moment consider how coaching in the summer might have a positive impact on your family or your child in the long run; after all, coaching is not just for homework completion; coaching helps people to identify goals and then build the skills, habits and routines needed to take action and to achieve those goals in life.  

Summer can be the ideal time to work on new skills, especially because the schedule tends to be more relaxed and because for some people the goals can be related to things that are a lot more fun than homework – going to the beach, playing a game, planting a garden, going fishing, organizing a play date, and even cooking. For college students who are taking a class or two, summer can be an ideal time to work on developing new skills and habits without the added pressure and distractions of college life. For all of these reasons, summer can be an ideal time to take advantage of all that coaching can offer.  

So, when you think about your summertime bucket list, definitely think about ways that you can relax and have fun but also consider coaching and the opportunity to use the summer to build skills and habits that will pay off come September!