2020 is going to be a complicated school year. Whether you are full-time remote or following some hybrid model of in-school and out-of-school virtual learning, parents and students are forced to establish a new schema to manage school and work, and life.

Over the last month, I’ve been giving presentations addressing the dynamic challenges that students and parents will have to face as they create a ‘new normal’ and bring order to the chaos of both students and parents working and learning from home.

Without an end in sight, we are not sure how long remote learning will continue. There are four areas that parents and students need to work through as they establish a thriving environment and process to handle remote education.

  1. Make the home into a powerful learning environment
  2. Create new family expectations that address the current climate for both parents and students.
  3. Develop a future planning process through consistent routines, schedules, and habits.
  4. Develop time each day for proactive problem solving as a family and individually.

Below is a link to a recent parent presentation recording that goes deep into these categories. 

Below are resources and links that parents and students can use to help manage the busy life of working and learning at home.

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