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Executive Function Skills in the Classroom: Overcoming Barriers, Building Strategies

Presented by Dr. Laurie Faith, this workshop is grounded in 17 years of practical classroom experience, 10 years of collaboration with major Ontario school boards, and the newly published peer-reviewed book, Executive Function Skills in the Classroom: Overcoming Barriers, Building Strategies by Laurie Faith, Peg Dawson and Carol-Anne Bush (Guilford Press).

Executive functions (EFs) are a set of cognitive skills that enable optimal organization, planning, and attention in school, accounting for over half of all variation in student performance. This full-day workshop will provide an interactive, self-reflective, and highly practical introduction to an EF-supportive teaching approach. Moving from a broad perspective to specific and practical examples, teachers will be inspired to integrate an understanding of EFs into their daily instruction, feedback, and assessment practice. Emphasis will be placed on feasible approaches for developing and supporting student self-regulated learning.

Teachers will leave equipped to:

  • Share key research on EFs with their school teams and colleagues;
  • Recognize and understand the impact of EFs on performance, teachers’ work, and classroom climate;
  • Apply a specific practice for supporting student self-regulated learning that is feasible, equitable, and responsive;
  • Provide a more universally supportive mainstream classroom environment for the benefit of all learners, but particularly those with special learning needs.

Meet Laurie Faith, Ph.D.

Dr. Laurie Faith is the creator of the self-regulated learning intervention called Activated Learning (AL). Alongside many other researchers, trainers, and teachers, she continues to refine and learn about this approach in school boards across Ontario, the US, and the UK. The AL approach aims to tailor established self-regulated learning and motivational mechanisms for use within the routine pedagogical moves of mainstream classroom teachers. As such, AL aims to ease dependency on clinical or Tier 2 interventions or the use of special curriculums or modular programs. A book about the “Barriers and Strategies” approach, co-written with Peg Dawson and Carol-Anne Bush, is now available for preorder at Amazon or on the Guilford website.

Executive Function Skills in the Classroom
Reducing the Homework Battles via Strengthening Executive Function Skills in MS/HS Students

Dighton Rehoboth High School Media Center

​Reducing Homework Battles via Strengthening Executive Function Skills in MS/HS Students​
October 10th at 6:30pm

"Dr. David Murphy is an engaging presenter with a wealth of knowledge in the area of executive functioning skills.  He was well prepared with his presentation and provided accompanying handouts. He created a relaxing atmosphere, one which encouraged dialogue and questions from educators, parents, and caregivers in the audience.  Dr. Murphy’s wealth of knowledge kept the audience’s interest. What resonated most with me personally is when he made the statement that “many kids with executive functioning deficits struggle with picturing the future”.  I started re-visiting this concept and relating it to my own personal experiences in having a child with these challenges. It was an “aha” moment for me when I realized my child didn’t have a plan on executing the necessary steps to complete an assignment or daily task because he, in fact, can’t picture what “complete” will look like.  In addition, Dr. Murphy did an excellent job explaining what “executive functioning” encompasses, and the impact it can have on a person’s daily functioning skills when these skills aren’t well established. Real-life examples were provided as to how these challenges have negatively impacted individuals he has worked with, along with helpful strategies.  This presentation is a “must-see” for anyone who works with children and/or adults in some capacity whether he/she is a teacher, parent, or professional, in order to fully comprehend the multi-faceted areas executive functioning plays a part in."

(SEPAC parent) November 2019


South Shore Medical Center

​Reducing Homework Battles via Strengthening Executive Function Skills
​May 9th at 6:30


Cohasset Parent Presentation

Reducing the Homework Battles via Strengthening Executive Function Skills in MS/HS Students
​​April 3, 2018 7:00

"Dr. David Murphy's presentation on Executive Function Skills for Middle and High School students was highly engaging and informative. As a parent, I was able to takeaway several tangible strategies for managing the individual needs of my children/students. Dr. Murphy's experience in the classroom and his ability to relate to students is evident in his presentation style. He encourages a sense of confidence in a parent's ability to support their student's quest to become more organized, self-sufficient, and independent." – Cohasset SEPAC

SNAP and CARE Presentation

Understanding and Preventing Drug Use in the Special Needs Population
​Hingham, MA.

February 1st 2018
from 7 - 9


Clinical Presentation

Reducing Homework Battles via Strengthening Executive Functioning Skills
​Weymouth, MA.

Dr. Murphy’s gave a practical framework for addressing executive functioning deficits. His style was engaging and effective in providing new ideas that can help me in my clinical work. He promoted an active discussion format which allowed for an engaged audience. He gave an excellent presentation and was very professional and passionate about the subject matter. Dr. Murphy hit on many of my child’s and household issues.  ​


​"Thank you so much for coming out and presenting to Norwood SEPAC on November 8, 2017.  I got a lot of good feedback from parents that attended the presentation.  It was helpful for parents to learn some ways in which they could assist their children in acquiring the tools they need to get organized in life and with homework so that they become more independent.  As the child becomes more independent with their schedule and takes ownership of their tasks and time, the homework battle will become non-existent. I think the strategies will really help students who struggle with executive functioning and attention deficit." Jennifer Wilds, Chair Norwood SEPAC


"Dr. Murphy's approach to helping parents and children eliminate homework battles is thorough and comprehensive.  He approaches these common parent-child homework challenges and struggles in a positive, empowering way for both parents and children.  The strategies he offers are practical and seem easy to implement, including tools to structure a child's day and create routines for promoting success and independence.  His program encompasses much more than just tackling homework battles.  It addresses responsibility on the part of the child for household chores, rules, and expectations as well.  Dr. Murphy is approachable and accessible and provides real life examples throughout his presentation.  He and his program are a potential resource for parents and children of all ages with varying levels of need.  His desire to share his knowledge with the community is wonderful, including his live video presentations on his website and youtube channel." - Scituate SEPAC


"I was very impressed with David when he came to speak to our InPAC group at South Shore Charter Public school. His honest and practical approach to assisting children with attention and executive functioning struggles was refreshing. Parents and educators left with a fresh perspective and tangible skills to put into place. His ability to relate to a group of parents that spread across multiple grade levels was impressive. David is a wonderful resource in this area and look forward to utilizing him for future workshops and professional developments. "-Matthew-Director of Learning Services