Meet the Team

David Murphy, M.Ed., Ed.D.


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Dr. Murphy became attuned to the challenges many students face through his twenty years of work in the field of special education supporting the needs of students with a wide range of disabilities. Dr. Murphy taught for more than a decade before becoming a school administrator, ultimately running private specialized schools for children with Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorders, Learning Disabilities and Social Anxiety Disorders. 

​After completing his doctorate, Dr. Murphy combined his extensive experience within schools with his advanced degree training and began consulting directly to families, students and adults. He consults with families and addresses the needs of students in all grade levels who have been diagnosed with such challenges as Asperger’s Disorder, Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities (NVLD), Social/Emotional Disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Learning Disabilities (LD) and students who simply struggle with time management and organization.

Dr. Murphy received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in special education from the University of Connecticut. He earned a second master’s degree in special education administration from Southern Connecticut State University.  He completed his studies at Northeastern University where he earned a doctoral degree in education. He currently lives in Duxbury, Massachusetts with his wife and two young children. He is an avid runner and loves spending time with his family and friends. 

​Judi Johnson, M.Ed.

ADHD / EF Coach / Academic Coach / Parent Coach
Judi Johnson

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Serving Scituate, Hingham and Norwell.

Judi Johnson M.Ed., Executive Function Coach, loves empowering kids, their parents, and adults through the teaching of executive function skills:  time management, organization, prioritizing, goal setting and managing big emotions.  She started out as a teacher but realized that her favorite lessons were the ones that helped kids with their life skills:  organizing materials, using time effectively and seeing the big picture in life. So she changed her focus from teaching individual subjects to teaching individuals to realize their true potential. In addition to private coaching sessions, she has enjoyed teaching executive function classes, workshops, and weekly groups.

Judi earned a B.A. in Psychology at The University of Rutgers; an M.Ed. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education at The Graduate School of Education, Rutgers University, and completed Executive Function Skills in the School & Classroom for Regular and Special Educators at All Grade Levels at Endicott College.  She also has a certification in “Stress Reduction, relaxation and Mediation”. Judi has lived in Scituate for nine years with her husband, two kids, and dog, Magic. She finds that teaching aqua aerobics has been a fun way to keep in shape, and loves boating, skiing and cooking healthy delicious meals for her family.

Ashley Adams, MS.

Academic Coaching, Executive Function Coaching, Life Skills Coaching
Ashley Adams

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Serving Connecticut and California

Ashley Adams is joining the EEC coaching team to help middle school, high school, and college students and student-athletes reach their full potential. Ashley is passionate about guiding students and young adults with ADHD through the executive function skill development process and overcoming the academic and emotional challenges of managing school/work and life. She also loves coaching student-athletes transitioning into college. She specializes in motivational interviewing, ADHD coaching, academic coaching, growth-mindset coaching, time management, goal setting, planning & pacing, and organizational skills.

Ashley began her career working in group homes coaching individuals and families involved in DCF, DMHAS, and DDS. She then transitioned into re-entry programs coaching individuals with co-existing conditions like ADHD, mood disorders, mental disorders, and substance abuse issues. Later, she worked in emergency rooms coaching and educating patients to the appropriate levels of care for their mental health issues.

Ashley is a graduate of Quinnipiac University where she was a division 1 student-athlete in basketball. She makes a powerful impression in her coaching work as she knows the negative impact that ADHD, EFD, and self-regulation challenges can have on daily life. In her early years of college she struggled with own motivation, mindset, stress, and executive functioning, which later caused a decline in mental health, and grades. Through intensive personal self-development work, she taught herself to employ a growth mindset and utilize organizational skills to excel in her studies. Through international work with refugee student-athletes in Greece and Poland’s national volleyball team, she found her way back to her passion in teaching and coaching individuals facing issues surrounding school-life balance, work-life balance, study skills, high school to college transitions, and more.

Ashley lives in Connecticut and California, where she is pursuing a second Master’s degree in Social Work. In her free time, she enjoys weightlifting, hiking, and exploring national parks.

Lore Andrescavage, LICSW

Executive Function Coach / College Coach / Transition Coach
Lore Andrescavage

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Lore Andrescavage is a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW) who has spent the last 14 years working at McLean Hospital. Since receiving her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania, she has worked in a number of roles at McLean, most recently as school clinician and transition specialist for 11 years at the Arlington School, a therapeutic high school on the hospital campus. While working as a school clinician trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Lore coached students struggling with mental illness to learn and utilize skills to help regulate their emotions, enabling them to focus on their academics more effectively. In her most recent role as transition specialist, she assisted students in identifying postsecondary goals and helping them achieve their goals by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Lore enjoyed helping students with executive function deficits learn to organize, prioritize, and meet deadlines while also anticipating and planning for challenges along the way. She has coached students on all aspects of the transition to college, including the process of applying for academic accommodations and identifying resources on campus. In addition to coaching at EEC, Lore has a private practice as a therapist specializing in Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs), including trichotillomania (hair pulling) and dermatillomania (skin picking). Lore lives in Arlington, MA with her husband, daughter, and a furry cat named Peanut Butter. In her free time Lore enjoys getting active, reading, and engaging in her own nature therapy be it via bike, hike, or tent.

Jessica Gale, M.Ed.

Executive Function Coach / Academic Coach / Transition Coach
Jessica Gale

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Jessica Gale is a Special Education teacher with 16 years of experience. She is joining the EEC coaching team to focus on coaching students and young adults with their executive function, academic, and transitional needs. Throughout her career, she has worked with students ages 13 through adulthood in a multitude of ways. She values individuality and works to help students and families make decisions that best match their preferences, skills, values and interests, through building agency. She started her career working at a residential post-secondary transition program with individuals 18 years and older focusing on life skills, college readiness, employability, and social skills. The population of clients included those with Learning Disabilities, NVLD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders and intellectual Disabilities. In this role, she created lessons that spanned from managing household tasks, creating and following a schedule, practicing interview skills and managing the expectations as a roommate, friend, college student and/or employee. She also has over 5 years of experience working at a comprehensive public high school, where Jessica supported students with acquiring the skills to prepare them for their future lives as it relates to transition, academic, executive functioning and self-advocacy skills. Ensuring that her students play an active role in the process is ingrained in her teaching approach, along with supporting them with acquiring the skills for organizing, prioritizing, goal setting and breaking down tasks to make them more manageable and achievable.

Additionally, Jessica served as a case manager for 15 - 20 students, created IEP documents, facilitated team meetings and collaborated with the student’s entire team to support their success. She has received training in High Quality Instruction, Social Thinking and Youth Mental Health First Aid. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Southern Connecticut State University. She is certified in Elementary and Special Education, and has her Master’s degree in Autism Spectrum Disorders. She currently lives in Wolcott, CT with her husband and pets, enjoying lake living. She loves paddle boarding, kayaking and practicing yoga, along with spending time with family and friends.

Laura Wolfenden, M.Ed.

Executive Function Coach and Elementary Literacy Coach
Laura Wolfenden

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Laura coaches children struggling with executive function deficits and literacy challenges. She works remotely with children and parents to build skills critical to school and life. Laura has been a teacher in early childhood, elementary and special education for nearly 20 years. After being a competitive figure skater, she began working with children and families as a figure skating coach. Through all of the experience, Laura believes passionately that all children and families can succeed and reach their full potential in all endeavors. Laura has a passion for teaching essential literacy skills and the organizational skills and strategies needed to be a successful and confident reader and writer. She earned a Master's of Education degree in Special Education from Boston University and a Bachelor's of Science degree in Early Childhood Education and Behavioral Studies from The University of Hartford. Laura has studied at Columbia University's Teachers College Reading and Writing Project's prestigious Summer Institute. When Laura is not teaching and coaching, she also loves to ice skate, run, draw, read, write and is a big basketball fan who loves to watch her cousin play college ball. She lives in Ashland with her husband.

Robin Breitman, MS BCBA LABA

Executive Function Coaching, 2e Coach, ADHD Coach, Parent Coach
Robin Breitman

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Robin Breitman, MS BCBA LABA is an experienced executive functioning coach who is devoted to helping students and families break through barriers to achieve their greatest potential. She has specialized in working as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst working with neurodiverse learners in public, private, and home settings. Robin believes building a strong rapport with her families is a foundation to success while she also recognizes the importance of weaving in social-emotional learning supports to help her clients. She takes a unique approach to looking at the whole family in the larger picture to help clients see what they can achieve once they learn the right strategies. She has also devoted herself to training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help coach parents to support their children through challenging times. Robin is a big believer in going through the process side by side with families and knows that while being a parent can be hard, being a kid can be hard too. The process can be bumpy, but together, new skills, growth, and independence can be achieved. In working to identify areas of strength, potential roadblocks and building upon already developed skills, Robin helps to strengthen confidence and assist in the development of new learning patterns for those with whom she works. She received her Undergraduate Degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts and her Master's of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from Simmons University. Robin lives in Mansfield with her husband, two children, and four cats. When she can, Robin loves to go on new adventures with her family, escape to the beach, or curl up with a good book.

Deb Conley, M.Ed.

Executive Function Coach / Academic Coach / ADHD Coach
Deb Conley

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Deb Conley, M.Ed., is joining EEC as an academic and executive functioning coach specializing and supporting the needs of students in upper elementary and middle school. Over the past 20 years as an elementary school teacher as well as a reading and math tutor, Deb has helped students and parents develop the skills to be collaborative, purposeful, and proactive learners.  Since graduating from Vanderbilt University, she has taught a variety of grade levels in both the U.S. as well as New Zealand.  She is passionate about the reading and writing processes and loves helping her students find their strengths and promote their independence, and providing parents with the tools to support their children.  When Deb is not teaching, tutoring, or coaching, she is spending time with her daughters, playing tennis, traveling, or going for a run and ‘dunk’ in Duxbury Bay.

Stacy Latham, M.Ed.

Executive Function Coach / ADHD Coach / Academic Life Coach / Parent Coach
Stacy Latham

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Stacy Latham, M.Ed., is a licensed special educator who coaches students with academic and emotional challenges. She has nearly twenty years of experience in the education and mental health fields working with children, adolescents, and families with Autism, ADHD, and behavioral and learning disabilities. During her years as a special education teacher, she worked in public and private schools in sub-separate and inclusion settings. She worked with students and their parents, providing strategies to help with school and home challenges. Stacy also worked as a specialized foster care clinician, helping children and adolescents with social-emotional challenges develop self-regulation (coping) skills and executive function strategies. Stacy is a parent of a child with Autism and ADHD and has first-hand experience helping her son to develop important life skills and overcome daily challenges. Stacy will be the first to tell you that it is all about progress, not perfection. Stacy has the unique ability to combine her special educational expertise, her counseling experience, and her personal experience to help students improve their executive functioning skills and meet their goals. Through a strengths-based, solution-focused approach, Stacy helps students learn the strategies to help them succeed. Stacy believes that effective teamwork is the foundation of success. Through building respectful, collaborative relationships with parents, teachers, counselors, and other VIPs, students can have the support they need to progress and achieve their goals.

Stacy lives in Leominster, MA, with her husband, son, rescue puppy Ginger, and cat Atticus. She enjoys spending time with her family, writing young adult fiction novels, and watching her son build numerous LEGO creations.

Mike Capobianco

Executive Function Coach / Academic Life Coach / ADHD Coach
Mike Capobianco

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Mike joins the EEC coaching team specializing in helping struggling middle schoolers and high schoolers develop foundational academic and executive function skills to manage learning and life. With a penchant for linguistics and reverence for leadership development, Mike navigated his way to a position of service in academics. After graduating from Bridgewater State University with a degree in Fine Arts, he spent years developing skills in architectural and sculptural metals before transitioning to his permanent position as a licensed Special Education Teacher.

Currently, these varied skills are well-utilized at Granite Academy in Braintree, MA, where Mike teaches English Language Arts and woodworking classes to students ranging in age from 13-22. A defined set of values motivate his work, best summarized as a desire to foster longstanding academic, social, and personal growth through teaching, mentoring, and coaching. With his work at EEC, Mike sees the potential in each of his learners and guides them, through direct and indirect instruction, to foster their innate strengths and develop the skills and strategies to progress toward their short and long-term goals.

Mike’s passions include music and fitness, but on most of his days off, you can find him deep in the New Hampshire mountains or wrenching in the engine bay of any given vehicle.

Jennifer Hickey, M. Ed

Executive Function Coach

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Jennifer Hickey, M. Ed. is a Special Education teacher with ten years of experience working with children from first grade through eighth grade. She also has experience working with high school students as an athletic coach. Jennifer received her undergraduate degree from Bridgewater State University. She received her masters degree in Moderate Special Education from Fitchburg State University. Jennifer works as a second and third grade Special Education teacher at a therapeutic day school in Hingham, MA with children who have Social/Emotional difficulties. She has experience working with students diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, anxiety/depression, behavioral and social/emotional challenges and writing and implementing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). When Jennifer is not working, she can be found spending time with her kids, family, and friends, exercising, playing in an adult field hockey league, and going to the beach.

Stephen Moran

Academic Coach / Executive Functioning Coach / ADHD and Life Coach for Young Adults
Stephen Moran

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Stephen Moran is an EEC Certified ADHD academic and executive functioning coach supporting the middle school, high school, and college students with academic challenges. Stephen is gifted in his ability to connect with and support students who are resistant or unusually challenging to work with. He partners with students to set reasonable goals and always maintains high academic and behavioral standards. Stephen is especially adept at supporting anxious students as well as those who are oppositional. His calm, caring, and unflappable approach allows him to build close, collaborative working relationships with the students under his care. Stephen has spent the last eight years as a middle school English teacher and Academic Support teacher. He also coached cross-country and track and served as an advisor to students. After graduating with a degree in English and a minor in Secondary Education in 2012, he went abroad to work at an educational program in Switzerland. Upon return, he obtained a Masters of Arts in Teaching focused on Special Education. Stephen worked as an English teacher in the Cambridge Public Schools for two years and then made a leap to teach abroad in Asia. For the last five years, Stephen has worked in Taipei, Taiwan as an academic support teacher and coach for middle school students at Taipei American School. He helped students with various learning challenges develop academic, planning, and organizational skills to improve in math, science, and English. Recently, Stephen moved back to the Massachusetts area and currently works as an academic support teacher and track and field coach in Dedham, MA. He continues to support students with special needs 1:1 in developing the skills to manage their learning process. He finds joy in helping students feel successful and supported in their own way.

In his spare time, Stephen enjoys traveling both around the US and abroad, spending time with family and friends, being active outdoors (especially skiing), and enjoying a good book.

Meghan Greaney, M.Ed.

ADHD / EF Coach / Academic Coach

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Serving Hingham, Norwell, Hanover and Pembroke.

Meghan Greaney, M.Ed.. Ed.S., is a school psychologist with a background working with children from pre-k through the high school level. Meghan earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts in Psychology. She received her Master’s degree and Educational Specialist designation in School Psychology from Worcester State University. Meghan currently works in Cohasset, MA, where she supports and empowers middle school students facing a variety of academic and social-emotional challenges. Her focus has been on assisting students in developing the self-regulation skills necessary for navigating the demands of life both within and outside of the academic environment through academic, behavioral, and social-emotional intervention. Meghan has extensive knowledge of the IEP and 504 process, and has been responsible for referral, assessment, development, implementation, and monitoring outcomes. Meghan lives in Marshfield, MA. In her free time, she enjoys relaxing at the beach, cooking, running, learning to ski, and trying to keep up with her husband and dog.

Carolyn Hofford, M.S., CCC-SLP

ADHD Coach / Execute Functioning Coach / Academic Coach

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Carolyn received her Master’s Degree in Speech and Language Pathology from the University of Vermont in 2009. Since working as a Speech and Language Pathologist, she has enjoyed helping kids (including her own) aged 5 - 18 break down complicated processes and make the abstract concrete. Carolyn embraces the newest principles of the neurodiversity paradigm to build confidence in all individuals by learning about advocacy, appropriate educational accommodations and functional academic and life skills. It’s never too early or late to break old habits and learn new ones. As her role as the lead Speech and Language Pathologist at a therapeutic day school in Hingham, she specializes in helping children who have social/emotional difficulties and associated learning challenges. For the past twelve years, Carolyn has worked side-by-side with Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Behaviorists, and Special Educators on a multi-disciplinary team to help both families of children with learning differences and children with learning differences find success academically and socially. She has completed advanced-level training in areas of Social Thinking and Executive Function, as these are the top two areas of need in the population in which she serves. When Carolyn is not working, she can usually be found at the beach, hiking, skiing, or, most likely, driving her kids around to various sporting and music activities.

Katherine Knight, M.Ed.

Executive Function Coach / Academic Coach / Writing Tutor
Katherine Knight

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Serving Syracuse and New England Area via Google Hangout


Katherine Knight is an executive function coach with a passion for helping high school, college students, and struggling writers. She has experience working with students with autism spectrum, ADHD, dyslexia, executive function, anxiety/depression, behavioral and social-emotional challenges, and supporting 504 and IEP plans. Her expertise includes teaching reading comprehension skills, writing skills, time-management skills, and organizational strategies. At Syracuse University, she worked as an instructional assistant in conjunction with the Office of Disability Services, the Tutoring Center, and Stevenson Academic Center. She spent five years as a learning specialist at Manlius Pebble Hill School, an independent day school. She believes that students respond best when thinking becomes active, tangible, and visible. She aims to help students identify and internalize a learning process that works for them. She pairs students with the tools they need to gain confidence and move toward academic independence. Katherine graduated with a Bachelor’s in English and history from Hamilton College and has a Master’s in English from SUNY Buffalo. She lives with her husband and young daughter in Syracuse, New York. She enjoys spending time with her family, coaching soccer, drawing and painting, a good book, and getting outdoors as often as possible.

Kara Anderson

Executive Function Coach / Academic Coach / Life Skills Coach
Kara Anderson

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Serving Plymouth, Marshfield, Cape Cod, Greater Boston via Google Hangout.


Kara Anderson is a special education teacher and executive function coach in Massachusetts. Kara understands the dynamic challenges that students encounter. Whether it's helping students manage their technology or the writing process, Kara has seen it all. Coach Kara has years of experience helping students with ADHD and executive function deficits learn study skills and academic strategies to manage and prioritize the learning demands, from middle school through college. She has experience with subjects like Chemistry, History, and English. Kara is a licensed Massachusetts Special Education and English Teacher for grades 5-12. Kara is currently employed as a high school special education teacher. She earned her bachelor's degree at Bridgewater State University and is working towards her Master's degree. Kara lives in Marshfield, MA. She enjoys going to the beach, spending time with friends, family, and trying new restaurants.

Wendy Bertagnole

Executive Function Coach / Parent Coach / Academic Coach
Wendy Bertagnole

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Academic skills, Note-taking skills, Literacy skills, College skills
Direct and Remote Coaching in Utah and Colorado Area

Wendy is a parent coaching and executive function coach at EEC. Wendy earned a Masters Degree in Special Education at California State University Bakersfield. She worked in early intervention and found her favorite aspect of the job was talking with the parents in their homes, explaining how they could support their kids at home between services. It was that job that really solidified her desire to work with parents to have a greater impact on kids' progress. Since then she has coached parents online for 6 years, helping them see behavior from a different perspective, looking at the child holistically and creating a system of working with the child instead of against them. She also learned a lot about sensory processing and how it affects all kids' ability to focus, learn, and behave on a daily basis. Teaching others how to see this more holistic version of kids is her passion. Wendy loves helping others to be their best by giving them the support, systems, and vision to be able to step into their true potential they all have. In her private life, Wendy is a mom to three children, loves the outdoors, and traveling.

Shane Russell, M.Ed.

Executive Function Coach / Academic Coach / ADHD Coach / College Coach
Shane Russell

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Shane Russell is an alternative school special education teacher specializing in coaching students who are experiencing difficulties both in and outside the classroom. By combining the ability to make personal connections as well as find intrinsic motivators for each one of the students he works with, he is able to create strategies and schedules that clearly illustrate measurable goals, both academic and personal. After working with low to mid-level income families as a financial services associate, he realized that he had a way of connecting with those that had been typically overlooked or deprioritized. As a challenge to himself, he took on a temporary teaching role at his former high school. He immediately found that he could easily connect with the students labeled "hard to reach" due to ADHD and ODD, among other diagnoses. Eleven years later, he is still working with the district's most complex and at-risk students to become productive members of society and ensure personal empowerment and autonomy. He received his Master's Degree in Special Education and is working towards a CAGS in alternative schooling. He currently lives in Middleboro, MA, with his fiancé and their two children. He surrounds himself with animals to stay happy, with the house at nine pets and counting. He also enjoys basketball, movies, comic books, sneakers, and LEGOs.

Kathryn Gerety

Executive Function Coach / Academic Coach / ADHD Coach/ Parent Coach
Kathryn Gerety

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Kathryn joins EEC with over 15+ years of classroom experience in both private and public school, teaching biology to students of all ability levels in middle school all the way through high school. Kathryn earned her undergraduate degree in biology from Seton Hall University and received her graduate degree in secondary education from Fairfield University. During her tenure as an educator she served not only as a classroom teacher but also in numerous other roles: technology liaison, sports coach, advisor, 1:1 tutor, and assistant department chair. She discovered that her classroom teaching methods worked particularly well for students who struggled with inattention, and she was able to see that these students had true learning and attention challenges instead of what might have otherwise been perceived as lack of motivation to learn. Through this lens, she was able to connect with these “reluctant” learners and support them in ways that helped not only their motivation to learn but also their mastery of content. During her time as a teacher, she frequently attended team meetings and noticed that executive functioning challenges were frequently discussed. She also noticed that there was a gap in the knowledge base among general education teachers about executive function skills and the impact that weaknesses in these skills had on students. While Kathryn’s interest and understanding of the impact and importance of executive function skills on life and learning emerged during her time as a classroom teacher, she became more fully aware of their impact in her journey with her daughters, both of whom have IEPs and require executive function support. Through advocating, pushing for services, and persistent research to help her children overcome obstacles and reach their full potential, Kathryn has expanded her knowledge base and discovered that her true passion is not just teaching but coaching students, parents and adults in the field of executive functioning in order to empower them to achieve their highest potential and capitalize on the strengths that each of them has. Kathryn loves helping people become the best version of themselves, providing encouragement, support, and strategies for people to build on their strengths and gain and develop ever stronger executive function skills so that people can share their knowledge and strengths with the world. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and two daughters, and when not coaching or advocating for her children, she enjoys skiing, camping, and spending time with family and friends.

Tracy Bertagnole

Executive Function Professional Coach / ADHD Coach / Life Coach for Young Adults / Career Coach
Tracy Bertagnole

(888) 389-8650

Tracy Bertagnole is an EEC Executive Functioning Coach, ADHD Coach, and Academic Life Coach specializing in helping young adults excel in school, life, and in the workplace. Tracy is an educator and coach at heart. His holistic, strength-based, and accountable coaching philosophy leads clients to a higher level of performance. Tracy's passion is helping high school, college, and professionals reach their goals. He empowers his clients by teaching executive function skills such as planning, organization, prioritization, time management, task initiation, goal-directed persistence, and metacognition. He loves coaching college-age students and adults through the transition into meaningful and fulfilling careers. He enjoys coaching them to navigate the professional/career space while also finding balance with the more important priorities of life. In addition, he enjoys supporting high school students through the transition of degree choice.

Tracy knows firsthand the challenges of being an effective student with ADHD. Learning through his own challenges and overcoming adversity allows his clients to feel supported and understood. He is passionate about sports and the positive impact organized sports have on children/young adult development. Growing up, he played high school basketball and coached junior high school basketball while attending college. After graduating with his Bachelor's degree in Physical Education, he spent time training collegiate & professional baseball & football athletes. He then earned a Master's degree in Healthcare Administration and started his coaching career. Outside of work, he loves working out at the gym, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and playing in the great outdoors of Utah, where he resides with his wife and three kids.

Beth Figler, M.Ed

Executive Function Coach/ Academic Life Coach / ADHD Coach / Parent Coach
Beth Figler

(888) 389-8650

Beth joins the EEC team with thirty-five years of experience in education. She has been a classroom teacher for preschool through eighth grade, both public and private schools, as well as a Reggio Emilia and Montessori teacher. She is a licensed special educator who used those skills in her classroom and then applied them in her role as a special education teacher for all grades. Despite having many years of experience at every level, middle school is truly Beth’s passion. She feels that it is essential for every middle schooler to have a person they can trust, relate to, and confide in when they need help. As a parent herself, Beth realizes that students at this vulnerable age need someone other than a parent to help guide them on this difficult journey of adolescence. She finds great joy in working with middle schoolers, helping them understand their strengths, and working towards finding happiness and satisfaction in all that they do. She easily establishes rapport with her students and forms a strong bond, leading to a successful partnership. Having had various experiences with her own children, their IEPs, and struggles with anxiety and depression, Beth easily relates to parents and helps them understand the challenges their children are facing and how to navigate the world of the middle schooler.

Beth grew up on the East Coast before heading to the Chicago area for higher education. She earned a B.A. in Elementary Education and English Literature from Lake Forest College and an M.Ed in Learning Disabilities and Reading from DePaul University. Eight years ago, she returned to be closer to family and now resides in Duxbury, MA, with her husband, three sons, and Kip the Cavachon. Yoga, traveling, gardening, snowboarding, and reading keep her healthy and happy, as does time spent at the beach.

Nicole Mark, M.Ed

Executive Functioning Coach / ADHD Coach / Academic Life Coach / Parent Coach

(888) 389-8650

Nicole joins EEC as an Executive Functioning Coach with over 20 years of experience in private and public schools teaching the neurodiverse needs of students of all ages. Nicole is a Master's level Special educator with certification in Reading interventions. In addition, she is certified as a lead teacher from the MA Department of Early Childhood Education. On top of this, Nicole is also a certified Life Coach.

Most of her time in education has been spent working with students with ADHD, NVLD, ASD, Behavior Disorders, and ID. She also directed a transition program at Cape Cod Community College for young adults with disabilities allowing them to experience college and preparing them for the workforce by teaching them life skills, organization, and the importance of time management.

Nicole is passionate about working with students of all ages and parents. Understanding the importance of social connections, Nicole is also well versed in social pragmatic language and assisting students to navigate their social world both in and out of the school environment. In addition, she is dedicated to teaching and encouraging students to self-advocate and secure what they need and want to meet their future goals.

Nicole lives in Sandwich, MA, with her husband, three children, and two big dogs! In her spare time, Nicole loves to travel, enjoys gardening, and photography and feels very fortunate to live on Cape Cod!