Mastering Middle School Cohort

virtual middle school

This is a summer-long cohort to help promote academic engagement, social engagement, high school readiness skills, and academic skills. Each week students will explore a theme within a group of age-appropriate peers. Each cohort will be lead by an EEC Executive Function Coach.


  • Shark Week
  • Undersea Life
  • 2020 Olympics
  • National Parks
  • Extreme Hobbies
  • Mission to Mars
  • Life Without Internet
  • Robotics
  • Taking Flight
  • Extinction week

Below are skills that students will develop during group lessons, and initiate on their own as they prepare for sessions each week.

  • Planning and prioritizing skills - task management/time management
  • Homework management skills
  • Writing skills - text to speech / pre-writing / editing
  • Reading skills - metacognition / audio format
  • Creative skills - drawing, building, etc.
  • Research skills - people and places of interest
  • Group social skills

Participants will be automatically enrolled in the Mastering Middle School Program. They will work with their coach to help plan their summer work, and make a successful transition to the new school year. Participants will address topics related to organization, agenda & portal routines, follow through on tasks, assignment management, and test-taking tips to reduce anxiety.

Starts July 6th – August 21st from 9:00am – 10:00am
Tuesday and Thursday
6o minutes
8 weeks
Groups of 3 – 6 students
Cost for groups: $800