RedZone Podcast recently interviewed Dr. David Murphy on how to raise emotionally strong, resilient and powerful kids in a digital age. Through the interview David gets into details related to the issues that are facing children. Dr. Murphy shares techniques, strategies and tactics on these issues related to young children through middle school, and high school. If you have ever struggled with solutions on how to stop coddling the emotions of your kids then you should listen in on this interview.

Questions answered:

  • What does that mean with child rearing and growing kids that are emotionally resilient?
  • How do you, as a parent, not be afraid of your children failing?
  • How do you underpin family values and a lot of the strategies you deploy as a parent.?
  • How you unhinge limiting beliefs with kids, how you establish a thinking about your thinking; and how you develop the patterns of emotional behavior so that they can be resilient in the face of uncertainty, in the face of doubt, in the face of failure and failing?
  • What is the effect of the digital generation on how you help your kids navigate and help families navigate FOMO, the fear of missing out’ effect – with the phone and other digital distractions.