Build Executive Function Skills


You can learn to manage and overcome challenges associated with executive function deficits

The executive functions are specific types of self-regulation or self-directed actions that we use to effectively manage and sustain our behavior towards a future goal. Student with developed executive function skills can plan and organize activities, sustain attention, and persist to complete tasks.

Working with an executive function coach can help clients develop meaningful life skills. People with executive function deficits tend to struggle with:

the ability to stop a behavior, action, or thought at the right time.

the ability to think flexibly and respond appropriately to the situation.

the ability to understand and engage in group dynamics, including waiting turns during conversations.

the ability to independently generate solutions, strategies, and ideas.

the ability to remember and memorize.

the ability to evaluate progress and changing course when needed.

the ability to plan and organize, keeping track of time, being able to accomplish more than one thing at a time.

the ability to recall past knowledge and use it in a current situation, seek out additional resources or information and ask for help when needed.

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