Welcome to the heart of transformative coaching at Effective Effort Consulting, where the focus is on actualizing the potential of each individual. This page, dedicated to ‘Dr. David Murphy Review’, offers you a comprehensive insight into the experiences and outcomes of those who have worked with Dr. David Murphy. Renowned for his expertise in executive function coaching, Dr. Murphy’s approach is tailored, empathetic, and deeply effective.

Our philosophy transcends conventional coaching, targeting the core challenges in areas like academic struggles, ADHD, anxiety, and executive functioning. Here, under the ‘Dr. David Murphy Review’, you will find not just testimonials but stories of real change and empowerment. These reviews from parents, professionals, and students are a testament to the transformative journey facilitated by Dr. Murphy and his team.

As you read through these Dr. David Murphy reviews, you’ll notice a pattern of profound growth, resilience, and a renewed sense of confidence in our clients. Each review is a narrative of a life positively impacted, skills enhanced, and potentials unlocked. Witness how Dr. Murphy’s unique methods have reshaped academic paths and life skills, instilling confidence and autonomy in every individual.

What is Executive Function Coaching. The EEC Model

Testimonial Section:

Organizational Skills and School Performance:

“Dr. Murphy’s approach helped my high school freshman understand the importance of organization and consistency in school. His collaboration with an EEC Coach brought about a significant change in his attitude towards schoolwork and teacher relationships.” – Parent of a high school freshman


Empowering Academic and Personal Growth

“It hard to overstate the impact David had in an incredibly short time. In addition to the wonderful tools he has in his toolbox for organization and executive functioning, David’s positive personality, attitude and approach was just what the doctor ordered to help our son see himself in a positive light and give him the motivation to get back on a successful academic path and to generally feel good about himself. His grades improved across the board, and most importantly, so did the way he sees himself.” Shari, parent of middle schooler


Navigating Anxiety in Children:

“David Murphy provided invaluable tools and support in dealing with our son’s anxiety. His positive, empathetic approach and effective strategies led to remarkable growth and confidence in handling difficult situations.” – A Grateful Family


Guidance for Teenage Boys:

“Dr. Murphy’s kind yet firm manner resonated with my teenage son, helping him see the bigger picture and alter behaviors that were holding him back. His talent in connecting with young boys is exceptional.” – Parent Testimonial


Building Rapport and Setting Goals:

“David’s skill in building rapport and customizing plans for his clients is unmatched. His insights into executive function and practical lifestyle changes have made a huge difference.” – Satisfied Client


Collaborative Success for Executive Functioning:

“As a fellow professional, I’ve seen Dr. Murphy’s outstanding ability to teach crucial life skills and his personable nature that makes students and parents comfortable in the coaching process.” – Professional Colleague


ADHD and Time Management:

“David’s guidance in managing ADHD, time management, and rationalization of complex concepts was incredibly helpful. His comfortable and understanding approach is perfect for students needing extra support.” – Client with ADHD


Adult Executive Function Coaching:

“Dr. Murphy’s adult executive function coaching is top-notch. His dedication to instilling new thought patterns has greatly contributed to my success in running a martial arts studio.” – Entrepreneur Client

Adult ADHD coaching testimonial

Organizational Help During COVID-19:

“Dr. Murphy was instrumental in helping me organize my life during the pandemic. His friendly and effective coaching style comes highly recommended.” – Satisfied Client


Approachable and Effective Coaching:

“David’s down-to-earth style makes both kids and parents feel at ease. His methods are effective and easy to embrace.” – Parent Feedback


Preparation for School Transitions:

“Dr. Dave was fantastic in helping my son transition to middle school. His routine checklists were beneficial not just for my son but for our entire family.” – Parent of a Middle Schooler


Instilling Better Study Habits:

“The team’s understanding of kids and parents allows them to effectively instill improved organizational and study habits.” – Client Feedback


Relatability and Goal Achievement:

“David’s ability to relate to students struggling with various challenges and to equip them with tools for success is remarkable.” – Client Review


Smart Executive Function Coaching:

“Tailored coaching focusing on using strengths to address weaknesses, promoting the philosophy of working smarter, not harder.” – Coaching Philosophy

ADHD coaching testimonial
Life coach for young adults testimonial

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The testimonials you’ve read here, under ‘Dr. David Murphy Review’, illustrates the significant and life-changing impact that Dr. Murphy and Effective Effort Consulting have on their clients. Our dedication to each individual’s journey is a testament to our commitment to personalized, effective coaching.


Each story shared in these Dr. David Murphy reviews represents a unique path to success, reflecting our adaptive and comprehensive approach. Whether it’s overcoming educational hurdles, managing ADHD, mastering executive functioning, or finding more efficient ways to navigate daily challenges, our goal is to guide, support, and empower.


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"Dr. David is the best! He helped my son get ready and organized for middle school! I love his daily and evening routine checklist and everyone in my family benefitted including myself. He really clicked with my son and helped him build his confidence level during a challenging time. Dr. Dave is the best and you can't go wrong using his services!"