Coaching College Students

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ADHD Coaching College Students in college readiness.

Coaching College Students in South Shore and worldwide via Google Hangout

ADHD coaching for readiness skills

Coaches help college students or high school seniors develop tools and strategies to manage daily responsibilities and learning to effectively prioritize school time with the rest of college life. We work with all clients from across the country via Google Hangout. Below are some examples.

Calendar management

Academic management

Study techniques

Future planning strategies

Managing distractions



Daily Living Skills

Testimonials on College Coaching

"I came as close as someone can to failing out of my first semester of college. It was not the first time I had struggled to complete assignments in school, but it was the final straw in realizing that I needed help to figure out how to be more successful in my life. Dr. David Murphy, a man I would now consider my friend, has been instrumental in helping me to achieve that goal. Every meeting was productive and inspirational. Through his methods of organization, I have been able to make better decisions and change my attitude towards life in general. My favorite quote from David is, "Work smarter, not harder." As someone struggling with ADD, he was more than accommodating. He went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and confident. I highly recommend anyone with a similar struggle to seek out his aid."


a college student with ADHD

"I went to Dr. Murphy after having a less than successful fall semester in college. A few problems that I noticed were disorganization and a lack of an efficient schedule for myself. Dr. Murphy helped me organize myself in a much more efficient manner that has enabled me to stay on track with my classes. We set up a schedule and he was able to assist me in ways of sticking to what we laid out. Overall I saw our time together as extremely worth while, as I continue to follow along with the methods he put forth."


College Freshman with ADHD

"I love the experience working with David. I've been able to organize my life and find perspective."


college junior ROTC, with ADHD

"David has helped my son, who is a college freshman with ADD, with academics in a way we were never able to do. By helping him analyze his short term and long terms goals he managed to help him with motivation and academic success. David listens to the parent and the student and creates a strategy that works for the individual. He is kind, patient and really cares. It has been helpful that he answers texts promptly when "emergencies" come up and is able to brainstorm and problem solve intelligently always engaging the learner. We are very thankful to have David on our team. Wish we knew him sooner!!"

Mother of a college freshman with ADHD

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