Adult Coaching

Adult Coaching offers a holistic and integrative approach to managing the symptoms of ADHD and regaining control of life.

Adult Coaching Services

  • Productivity coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Career coaching
  • ADHD coaching
  • Adult groups and workshops
parent training and adult coaching ADHD Norwell
Our coaches take a holistic and strength-based approach towards helping clients overcome challenges and achieve their short and long term goals through adult coaching. Clients work with a coach through a 9 step process in order to target life challenges and develop strategies to manage their life and begin making effective and meaningful progress towards short and long term goals.

9 Step Process

Step 1: Purpose for change
Step 2. Value structures
Step 3. Goals (SMART)
Step 4: Decluttering the chaos
Step 5: Setting a plan in motion - turn routines into rituals
Step 6: Mindfulness – eat, sleep, exercise
Step 7: Journaling and gratitude
Step 8: Decluttering the chaos
Step 9: Progress monitoring – check-ins and reflections