Academic Coaching for Student-athletes


Many middle school and high school students are enrolled in highly competitive club programs,

like club lacrosse, club hockey, club basketball, or club soccer. They start at an early age and well before pre-requisite academic skills have been established.  They receive exceptional coaching to perfect their athletic skills. Sadly, the academic skills are ignored and most students are left alone to figure things out.

For student-athletes, the coaching process is similar to the academic coaching process but far more complex. This is because student-athletes have far less time and energy to manage their academics.  They are still required to complete the same amount of assignments and excel on the same types of assessments. Below are some additional steps that may be addressed with working with student-athletes, or any student that is juggling a demanding year-round extracurricular activity.


How to track and manage sports and academic schedule independently?

Extra help

How to teach myself what I don’t know?

Free time

How to manage the workload and see opportunities for ‘free time’?

Classroom habits

How to maximize learning in the classroom?


How to plan weekends as a time to get ahead?

Time management

How to find learning opportunities during the day and stay focused?

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