Coaching Model

coaching model

You know that EEC provides traditional one-on-one coaching virtually and in person, but did you know that there are additional components to the coaching model that EEC coaches provide? These components allow us to individualize the level of support you need while also meeting your preferred communication needs. Read on to learn about the 4 components to the EEC Coaching Model.

Direct Coaching

Direct Coaching

This model of coaching is the most common form of coaching and is required in the beginning for all of our clients. Direct coaching is when the client and coach are working 1:1 together over Google Meet,  in person or over the phone. 

Coach Initiated Indirect Coaching

Coach Initiated Indirect Coaching

This type of coaching is equally as substantive as direct 1:1 coaching and provides a similar type of support, but it uses methods such as texting, email, and/or other technology as a means to substantially support a client’s goals and skill development without meeting “face to face”. PLEASE NOTE: Not all coaches provide this type of  coaching support so if you are interested in it, please let us know so that we can ensure that you have a coach that does.

Executive Function Case Management

Executive Function Case Management (EFCM)

provides a more comprehensive and  increased level of coaching support for clients and/or parents looking for a higher level of support, monitoring, advocacy, collaboration, and/or accountability.  In addition to a more comprehensive level of coaching for the child, the coach is also available to provide such things as parent coaching and/or support, to facilitate family meetings, to collaborate with other professionals and team members, and to attend 504 or IEP meetings.



This is a client-initiated process where the coach and client set a schedule of when the client will update the coach on their daily or weekly progress. The ultimate goal is for all clients to embrace this check-in model and develop the skills to independently initiate updates with their coach as they progress through the coaching process. 

As you can see, EEC is a full service coaching company. We are here to meet you at whatever level of need you require. Whether you need a more intense level of coaching and accountability to support your skill development or you are ready for just a few coach initiated check-ins a month to make sure you are staying on track after you have built new habits and have new levels of confidence and competence, we approach coaching to meet your evolving level of need. If you have any questions about our model, don’t hesitate to contact us.