Don’t think that success is a natural thing. It is based, not only on effort, but the repeated application of the right effort. A key to success is knowing the right strategies, knowing the desired results, and knowing the right skills of effective effort and hard work.

Clear Goals

What we expect is what we experience. Therefore, defining clear short and long-term goals sets the framework for what’s expected.

Organization and Structure

Effective learning takes place when there is structure and routine – both at home and at school.

Time to learn the new skills

Everything we do repeatedly is hardwired to the brain. It takes time to develop the new thought patters and practice the new skills. This entails developing and strengthening the new neurological connections and rewiring the brain.

Focus and Concentration

Changing thoughts, attitude and beliefs around learning and struggling to overcome learning challenges takes focus and concentration. Overcoming learning challenges can not be reached without addressing these factors.


Working hard is one things but working smart is another. Students need be equipped with the right skills to seek out the resources they need in order to achieve learning success. This can entail after school help, online research, books on tape, etc.


Get ready to react to what’s working and not working. This means being critical about the learning process and the chosen skill in order to make effective changes or alternations.

Commitment to Finish

Finishing what one starts is an important factor to long terms success. Staying committed to a task until the task is complete, regardless of interest or difficulty.

Perseverance When Things Get Tough

Learning can be tough and requires various levels of perseverance in order to overcome the learning challenge and rewire the brain with effective patterns of thought and behavior.

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