2019 Workshops

Parent Coaching
The New Book Club

Location: 334 Washington Street Norwell, MA, 02061
In the home, in the office or online.

Groups of 3-5 parents working together to improve their own lives and the lives of their family.

From creating chores to manage dinner plans, work with a coach on family centered and student center topics.

Grab your friends or join an existing group.

Meet the coach - Judi Johnson

Groups are ongoing. Just let us know you are interested.

Academic Skills to Excel as a Student Athlete
With Dr. David Murphy

Cost: $80.00
Location: 334 Washington Street Norwell, MA, 02061
High School students can participate in two 60-minute workshops on developing high performing academic skills. These focused sessions will provide high school students with the tools and strategies to manage the challenges of being a high performing student-athlete. This class will also help juniors and seniors prepare for the academic demands of college. Dr. Murphy will come to your school, your club program, or your house. You just need ten more student-athletes.
• Academic planner
• School work
• Pen/Pencil
• Sport schedule
• List of academic classes
• Laptop

Overview of the Workshop

• Goal setting for a student-athlete – set your focus
• Managing priorities – fitting it all in
• Dealing with distractions
• Fitting in the extra help
• Simple note taking vs. advanced note taking
• Active reading - before, during and after
• Homework routines that improve performance
• How to thrive with the stress and anxiety
• Future planning

Thursday Night Check-In
With Dr. David Murphy

Location: 334 Washington Street Norwell, MA, 02061
Dr. Murphy will be available from 5-7 starting September 5th.

Do you need help or just need a quiet place to plan and manage your studying?  You can access Coach Murphy online via Google Hangout or visit the office directly. This is offered to current and past EEC clients.