Executive Function Coaching


Based on the notion that ADHD is a performance disability, executive function interventions and strategies need to be supported and developed within the client’s environment.

Russell Barkley, a leading expert in ADHD, states that performance-based strategies and interventions for executive function skills need to be within the environment in which the challenges exist. That’s why executive function coaches come to the home for team meetings, organizational audits, episodic memory training, and walkthroughs.

Our Coaching Model teaches skills to address deficits in:

Scheduling skills
Future Planning skills
Study skills
Independence skills
Prioritizing responsibilities
Stress management skills
Managing distractions
Organizational skills
Writing skills
Temporal skills
Spatial skills

A Hollistic Approach


By looking holistically at the deficits, executive function coaches help clients develop life skills, not just homework skills.  Coaches help clients develop morning schedules, evening schedules, and homework schedules focused on managing priorities and daily goals. Coaches will work with therapists, teachers, and parents to develop a comprehensive skill development plan that looks at long term growth around academic skills, and life skills.

Daily Check-ins

With the principle that effective change takes daily practice, each client connects with their coach on a daily basis via text or using the Remind App. This process allows coaches to track daily progress and build positive skills.

Parent Coaching

Working directly with the student and family to create a structured home learning environment that meets the student’s learning styles, family goals, and supports the student’s development into an independent learner.

School Consults

Support the 504 and IEP team process as it relates to your child’s special education needs. Connect with teachers and school professionals to help expand on the executive function skills across environments.


All coaches are trained in the 360-degree methodology, developed by Sarah Ward and Kristin Jacobsen.